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About Us

Gigajot Technology Inc. was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from Dartmouth College to develop and commercialize the next generation of image sensors, quanta image sensors (QIS).


QIS is the next generation of image sensors where high-speed single-photon detection is used to unlock new image capture capabilities for consumers and professionals not possible with today’s devices.

Gigajot's image sensors and cameras are compatible with mainstream CMOS processes and provide multi-megapixel accurate photon counting and photon number resolving even at room temperature and at hundreds frames/sec speeds. Our image sensors have less than  0.2 electron read noise and less than 0.03 electron/pixel/sec dark current at room temperature (25C) and provide more than 100dB intra-scene dynamic range.

Our image sensors and cameras can be used in almost all the imaging systems that already use CMOS, sCMOS, CCD, EMCCD and SPAD sensors for imaging. Our image sensors and cameras can be used in various imaging applications, such as scientific & life science, medical, space, industrial, security & surveillance, defense, computational, automotive, photography & cinematography, consumer, among others. Also, the unique features of our image sensors enable new capabilities that is not possible with today's imaging devices.

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