Custom Image Sensor & Camera Design Services

Gigajot provides design, implementation, and production services for image sensors and systems. With a broad range of silicon-proven IP and know-how (pixels, circuits, ISPs), Gigajot can provide a complete package of solutions and expertise to develop custom image sensors and imaging systems with unique requirements.

Camera System Design

  • Multi-Layer PCB Design

  • FPGA HDL Programming

  • Board-Level ISP

  • High-Speed Interface

  • Cooling Solutions

  • GUI and software/firmware

Image Processing

  • Monochrome & Color Image Processing Pipeline

  • AI-based Low-Light Noise Reduction

  • Low-Light Color Noise Reduction

  • Auto-Exposure

  • AI-based Object Detection & Classification

  • GUI Development

Image Sensor Device Design

  • Pixel Design & IP (everything included)

  • Optics, Microlens and Color Filter Array

  • Front-End Readout Circuits

  • Mixed-Signal Circuits

  • Power Management Circuits

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Digital & ISP Circuits

  • High-Speed IO

  • Chip Integration

Test, Prototype & Production

  • Pixel Test & Characterization

  • Image Sensor Test & Characterization

  • Prototyping & Enclosure Design

  • Various Factors Optimization

  • Yield Optimization

  • Quality Control

  • Test Automation

  • Production Tests & Delivery

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