Photon-Counting Image Sensor Family

Main Features

  • Photon-counting sensitivity

  • Accurate photon number resolving

  • Stacked Backside Illuminated (BSI) CMOS process

  • Excellent low-light imaging performance

  • Deep sub-electron read noise

  • Industry-leading low dark current

  • High quantum efficiency

  • High intra-scene dynamic range

  • No avalanche gain, no deadtime, no high voltage

  • On-chip programmable gain and ADC bit-depth

  • Color and mono

  • On-chip temperature sensor

  • Patented pixel design and sensor architecture


Selected Applications

  • Scientific

  • Medical

  • Defense

  • Industrial

  • Space

  • Other High-Performance

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16 MP Photon Counting Quanta Image Sensor

Pixel Pitch


Frame rate


Read noise


Dark current


Dynamic range


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4 MP Photon Counting Quanta Image Sensor

Pixel pitch


Frame rate


Read noise


Dark current


Dynamic range


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Sub-Electron Read Noise & Low Dark Current

Industry-leading low-light imaging capability

  • Read noise <0.2 electron r.m.s. at 25C

  • Dark current lower than 0.1 electron/pixel/sec at 25C

  • Small pixel size and high resolution

  • Photon-counting without electron multiplication, high voltage, or dead-time

Reliable Photon Counting
& Photon Number Resolving

  • Accurate photon-counting

  • Reliable photon number resolving with more than 99% accuracy (less than 1% Bit-Error-Rate)

  • Large photon-counting range up to 100s and 1000s of photoelectrons

High Quantum Efficiency

  • Advanced backside illuminated (BSI) technology

  • >80% of QE at 500nm wavelength

  • Excellent pixel isolation and color cross-talk

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High Dynamic Range Imaging

Our proprietary imaging technologies, enable single-exposure high-dynamic-range imaging, without sacrificing low-light imaging performance or introducing additional motion artifacts.

  • 100dB intra-scene dynamic range with 2.2μm pixels

  • More than 120dB with multi-exposure

High Pixel Resolution & High Frame Rate

High-speed image capturing with Gigajot proprietary cluster-parallel sensor architecture, implemented in a stacked BSI process.

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