Gigajot’s patented jot pixel technology enables world-leading read noise of 0.2e- and single photon-sensitivity


Ultra-low dark signal non-uniformity and non-linearity

World-class quantum efficiency >80%  

Photon-Counting & Low-Light Imaging

High-speed and low-power signal readout and processing for up to >100MP pixel resolution

Innovative neural network based denoising and color processing algorithms boosting low-light and HDR imaging

High-Speed and Low-Power ISP & AI Image Processing

Combining single-photon sensitivity with large pixel full-well capacity, Gigajot sensors capture single-exposure HDR imaging with 100dB dynamic range from single photon to 10,000s of photons with minimal motion artifacts

Excellent multi-gain uniformity and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging

Silicon-proven as small as 0.8μm pixels fabricated in 45nm CIS process with industry-leading performance

State-of-the-Art Small Pixel Size & Performance

Gigajot’s patented jot pixels reduce dark current to as low as 0.09e-/sec/pixel at room temperature for 1.1μm pixels

Industry-Leading Dark Current Performance

User-friendly and high-performance hardware and software package

All-Around Camera Platform

Developed & Available Technologies

Powering the Next Generation of Imaging

Gigajot is developing innovative Quanta Image Sensor (QIS) devices and advancing this technology as the next generation of mainstream image sensors by taking advantage of shrinking pixel sizes to realize revolutionary imaging capabilities for professionals and consumers.

The QIS sensors offer unprecedented low-light sensitivity with single-photon resolution, a wide range of pixel counts from megapixels to 100s of megapixels, and high output rates greater than 1000s frames per second.

Gigajot’s image sensors are compatible with mainstream CIS processes for mass production.

Quanta Image Sensor
Gigajot Pixel Technologies
Gigajot Camera Platform